Our Team of Minis

When Breeding for Size...Size Matters!

Bolivian Taziata "Taz"

DOB May 7, 1992

Taz is full Bolivian and Whirly Giggle's mother. She is a registered mini, at 35.5". Taz gave birth to the perfect female cria on October 28th, 2005. She has repeatedly produced many beautiful mini crias but Tatalina tops all! Taz was imported to the United States in 1992.  Her dam is Bolivian Amberberry.  Taz was bred to Bolivian Showtyme this spring.  Should be totally awesome!



DPDL Taziata's Tatalina

Bolivian Makin' Whoopee X Bolivian Tazaita
DOB 28 Oct 05

This little full Bolivian beauty weighed in at 17 lbs at birth.  Sired by the gorgeous miniature Makin' Whoopee and my famous Taz as her dam (to know her is to love her).  This is the perfect picture of a mini.  31 " as of November 2006.

Bolivian Whirly Giggles

DOB 02-20-1996

Standing tall at 35.5", this mini is 100% Bolivian.  We are proud of how straight and correct she is. 

Bolivian Razzle Dazzle x Bolivian Taziata


Bolivian Honey Scotch-A-Pelli

DOB May 2, 1996

Here's another winner at 37.5 inches. Sired by Prince of La Paz out of Bolivian Kokopelli. Honey Scotch has 3 registered offspring. Two females and one male.

Lindy Starr

37.25 inches

11 November 2002
Startime Rythum X Linda Lou PL    

LIndy is a great Mom and has given me two mini girls in a row!  Starrtyme female spring 2007 cria arrives 18 June 2007.  That's three girls in a row!  

For Sale $3800


Tiny Dancer

QV Trevino X Whirly Giggles

This tiny female makes me smile from the top of her ears to the bottom of my toes! I just love her, her coloring, her attitude and her cool moves.


DOB 3 August 2004
Vivo De Bolivia X T.J.'s Quinta Magic

Presto! It's magic! Magic is a full Bolivian absolute sweetheart that we are eager to put to work in our breeding program. We always thought minis were mystical, now we have Magic to prove it. Currently 36" as of 10/06. Magic's first cria, a little male we're calling Magictyme made his appearance 30 May 2007.

Our Puppy!

Bolivian Crown Jewells X Nanjing
DOB 16 December 2006

Yup, that's her name.  Full Bolivian and full of life.  You will see a lot more on this female on our web and blogspot.

2 Nov 99

In High Hopes X Oakwoods Blackberry

I couldn't believe my eyes when I found Strawberry. Regal, stunning, presence and on top of it all,
a MINI!  Strawberry has given us one mini female to date that we named Strawberry Shortcake.  At her finished height of 37.75" and bred to our exciting full Argentine mini stud Saltador.  This cria should bowl me over!


Rebano Escondido Nubiana

Argentine Pecos X Nubi

This small female is half Argentine, half Chilean making her 100% South American.  She brings to us her style, grace and uniqueness.  A real charmer and a show girl on top of it all!  Incredible bone and fiber to boot.  Welcome Nubiana.

Strawberry Shortcake

27 March 2006

Karunda X Strawberry

Strawberry is a straight and beautifully marked female.  Her style and good manners all make her a winner...not be mention her size!

Little Cricket
23 May 2000

Cheroa's Grey Feather X Julie Anne

ILR/AMLA registered and only 37", Cricket is a producer of minis. Tiny Bubbles and Little Bit are proof! Cricket is bred back to Bolivian Crown Jewells for a 2007 cria.


Bavarian Chocolate...

is back home at Minnesota Minis!

26 August 1999

This 36" female is confirmed bred to Bolivian Crown Jewells for a fall 2007 cria.  Bavarian Chocolate is a true black (does not fade brown) and is a known mini thrower.  Bring on the chocolate truffles!

Harmoni's Minuet
20 Sept 2001

Auraeno X Harmoni

37.5 inches ILR/AMLA registered. Minuet is the dam to our Mini Me. She was a 4H llama and is a very proud and sweet girl. She has a striking strawberry roan coloring. I didn't think I could get this lucky two years in a row, but after her last years cria, Mini Me, the teeny tiny mini male that is over one year old and is on 30"...Minuet gave us Minuet's Melodee, a gorgeous tiny 15 lbs. at birth female.  Sing on, Sing on!


is a 36 5/8" female at her mature height.  Born 6 May 2004, she is currently open.  With her beautiful grays, I am thing a Bolivian Crown Jewells breeding.




DOB 5/24/2000
Rain Man X Tarzana

Bobbie, bobbie bo bobbie, banana fanna fo fobbie, fee fi mo mobbie


AMLA Registered 37"




Bolivian Rizada

DOB 11/27/1997
Manchado X Convection D' Notte

This small full Bolivian measured in at 36.5" and will be bred come spring time in Minnesota.

For Sale $3200

Bred to the stud of your choice.  May I suggest Chaparejos?

Lindy's Lucky Starr

Bolivian Crown Jewells X Lindy Starr

What a dolll!  Bangs, fiber and greets you with a smile.  5th generation small and it shows.

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All of our llamas are ILR registered and all of our mature minis are AMLA registered.
Contact us for bloodline information, pricing and for the other females we have available.


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