Well Folks...I FINALLY finished my sweater. Knit of yarn from my own llamas...this is a project that is really personal. Now all I need is a nice cool evening so I can enjoy it!

I know you've heard all about the alpacas fiber...well let me be the one to tell you that llamas have fabulous fiber as well...sharing substantially the same qualities...with a substantially smaller investment in the animal.  Llama fiber is lovely as it is...but it can be overdyed for exciting color combinations that Mother Nature never considered when she made llamas.  Small custom orders for organic natural and hand dyed yarn may be placed with my own fiber business, "A Twist of a Tail".  We have 100% llama rovings available in every natural coloring imaginable!  sold by the ounce.  This fiber is gorgeous, soft and vegetable matter free.  All from our own Minnesota Minis!  $3.00 ounce.

Hand painted llama yarn, felted llama fiber dolls and knitted llama fiber hats and scarves are just a few of the items made from our llamas!

Clickity Sticks & Yarns is a Minneapolis based yarn shop owned by Tamara Del Sonno, that has been a tremendous resource for me...a treasure trove of materials, tools, patterns and expertise.
 Go visit, you won't be sorry


Lynda Carothers of Carothers Country Fiber Mill will lovingly process your raw fiber into batts, rovings, or yarn to your specifications.  She has a network of fiber artists who can transform your fiber into wonderous finished products.  For processing you can trust...go to Lynda.

For pictures and ideas of some of the beautiful things that are being made from camelid fiber, take a minute and visit Gayle Dumas' fiber page at The Fuzzy Farm.  She has items that have been knitted, crocheted and woven as well has examples of hand dyed fibers.


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