DPDL Bolivian Ramada

DOB 22 August 2009

Bolivian Acobamba x Bolivian Rizada


    Ramada is dripping in beautiful.  Ramada is a full Bolivian female with a multi-generation small bloodlines all through her pedigree and is registered ILR/AMLA and DNA verified.

I am proud of her.  Ramada is 35″.






DPDL Itsy Bit

DOB September 2009

Bolivian Acobamba x Little Bit

This is what happens when you least expect it!  Two dark solid parents, super smalls have a bright white female cria together!  Who would have guessed it? 

This little gal is a farm favorite with her appealing personality, looks and incredible manners.  Fantastic bloodlines.



 DPDL Ricky Bobbi

DOB 29 May 2010

City Slicker x Llucky’s Talledega

Finally!  Tallie’s first cria and a beauty she is!  Perfect conformation and beautifully fibered and amazing coloring.  Meet Talledega’s RICKY BOBBI!  Pictured this spring with her female cria, Crowe.


DPDL  Nattie

DOB 25 September 2008

Argentine Midas X Rebano Escondido Nubiana

3/4 Argentine

3/4ths Argentine and 1/4th Chilean female out of two beautiful Argentine and Argentine of the Chilean type!  Full South American bloodlines. Meet Nattie.


 Bolivian Sequoia

29 August 1999

Bolivian Hot Shot x Bolivian Gingersnapper

I LOVE this 36″ AMLA/ILR registered PBL!  (Plain Brown Llama).  If my theory holds out her 2012 will be anything but PBL!  Bred for a full Bolivian baby in 2012. Bolivian Sequoia is 3rd generation small making her crias that arrive an instant 4th generation small.  Sequoia is ILR/AMLA registered and DNA verified.


 DPDL Bolivian Carly Simon

 6 September 2007

Bolivian Showtyme XPress x Bolivian Simonetta

Carly is a silky fibered female who is full Bolivian and tri-colored.  She is flashy in coloring and is 36.5″ .   Carly Simon is outstanding!


 DPDL Two Steppin’Tyme

6 September 2007

Bolivian Showtyme XPress x DPDL Tiny Dancer

FIRST PLACE yearling female at the Heartland Classic!

This diminutive and highly colorful female cria arrived in style and 16 lbs of energy.  This is what a 5th generation small miniature female looks like.  She is simply stunning in her coloring and soft, fiber.  Full South American, outstanding color and about perfect bloodlines.  One of my dance series girls. 


 Bolivian Black Bijou
DOB 18 October 2006
Bolivian Pantero x Amberly

Silky fibered, pretty and solid black.  Great ears.  Small package.  Her fiber is outrageous with this picture not doing her justice.  She has WOW factor full Bolivian of course for that mini punch we are all seeking and 36 5/8ths.



Argentine Azaria

DOB 30 May 2008 

Argentine Midas x Argentine Zula

Full Argentine

The curls of her sire, the personality of an Argentine and the coloring that makes her a knock out! Meet full Argentine Azaria! 

DPDL Stage Presence

DOB 20 June 2012

Chilean Triathlon x Grand Finale

This small Chile/Bol is a gorgeous paint and small, small, small!  Let out proven breeding help make your program a success!  Available.





In High Hopes X Nakita

A mini maker, a terrific mom, a calm and easy going personality.  Oh and did I mention she’s a mini, only 37.5″ AMLA registered .  I love Bali and I love what she does for my program.   Bali is cool and I LOVE having her around.  This years cria is a female we named Arrow.  Check her out on the cria page!

Argentine Zula

Argentine Zula Zunca

 DOB 10 August 2001

Argentine Don Zunca x Argentine Loba

Full Argentine

Zula is a full Argentine with the typey look of the Argentines, the bone and the dense fiber are their trademarks. Zula is AMLA/ILR registered 37.75″   

DPDL Dottified

DOB 01 July 2008

Tennessee Tuxedo x Hottie Tottie Dottie


Dottified has RE in her background. Showy with heavy fiber and bone to match!!


DPDL Shake n’ Bake

DOB 10 June 2011

Bolivian Crown Jewells x Talledega

  DPDL Pat a Cakes is a soft dilute appy female out of a paint sire and a solid gray female.  See?  You never know what you’re gonna’ get! We like what we got and think you would too.  Both parents under 37″ and Shake n’ Bake is small.  Great addition to your mini herd!


Chilean Silky

15 September 2005

is a gal that is 35 1/2″ as her finished size with AMLA.  Full Chilean, we are pleased to have Silky at Minnesota Minis.  Silky has amazingly soft fiber and a terrific personality.  I am so happy to have her in my pasture.  She is just awesome! 


Flash Dance

Bolivian Crown Jewells x Chilean Flashy Gal

 11 August 2006

Flash Dance is part of the “Flash” series. She is a soft dilute appy female with an easy laid back disposition.  Her fiber is crimpy and silky soft.  Her finished size is 37″.  Flash Dance is bred! 


All of our llamas are ILR registered and all of our mature minis are AMLA registered. Contact us for bloodline information, pricing and for the other females we have available.